Rome Capital of Jazz Festival: Full Concert Info

If you love jazz or are simply a fan of good music, a series of concerts awaits you from June 13th until October 7th 2014. This is a highlight of the Roman summer, as they take place among the beautiful setting of the capital city.

2 kilometers from the Hotel Re di Roma: Villa Celimontana Jazz festival, a 20 minute walk, from the end of June to the end of September.

The official site of Roma Jazz provides information about all the concerts with swing during the Roman summer. Here is what you can find::

  • Concerts: the dates of the events with a list of the artists who will perform every evening. Click on the name of the artist for more information. There is also a link to the site of the location where their concert will take place
  • Locations: a list of all the bars, cafès, auditoriums, clubs and cellars where the scheduled events will take place
  • Map: a map with all the detailed information you need so you won’t miss a note

The dedicated Facebook page is always updated and provides interesting information so you can discover the latest information about each event.

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